How does on-line training work?
Answer: First, you must complete the registration process. Once this is complete and verified, you will receive a student manual and access code along with Que1 login instructions. Once you begin class, you will have 72 hours to complete the course, but you have 30 days to start using your access code.
What do the classes look like?
Answer: Using your manual, you will click through the online training slides much like a Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation. Also, there is audio to accompany each course. The audio will contain additional information, so be prepared to take notes in your manual. Run the Demo and find out!
Will MANMAN™ or MK™ be running on
Answer: While there will be some screen shots of MANMAN™ or MK™ presented during the course, you will not be running MANMAN™ or MK™ on the web site. You will need to logon to your own system when you get to the Workshop portion of the training. Note: some courses do not require logging into your MANMAN™ or MK™ system. See the CLASSES page for more info.
Do I have to be on support with Computer Associates (CA) in order to take an online MANMAN™ or MK™ course?
Answer: You do not have to be a current customer of CA, and you do not have to be on support with CA to take a class online. You must, however, have a legal software license for MANMAN* or MK*.
What about payment for classes?
Answer: You must have a purchase order prepared ahead of class time. You will enter the P.O. number on the registration form and fax the Purchase Order to Que1 at 949.515.3425.

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